Squires Update 

Squires Update

Hi! Rick and I had a good day today. He was more of his usual fiesty self and when he wanted to walk up to the park with his brother...at least a 20 minute trek, this Nazi Florence Nightengale read outloud what the physical therapist had suggested...5-7 minutes at least 3 to 5 times a day. So off Larry and he went. Since I told them I was setting the timer (left over from those old teaching days), they did indeed return on time. Then we went down to the waterfront park this afternoon with Nancy and Rick Sherman and went at an easy pace for about 10 minutes. Rick is just amazing and I surely credit it with his strength of character and all those wonderful prayers that you are sending. I am so filled with gratitude for all your thoughtfulness that there are no words to express what I feel. Jerry Pennington from Kentucky is arriving tonight to stay for 5 days...another blessing. Rick does really well around the guys. His appetite was up today as was his "I want it my way"! Both are good signs and we continue to pray for miracles. Please continue your prayers.

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