April 26, 2006 

April 26, 2006

Hello everyone- Connie here to give you the latest. Things are not going so well. Dad has now started to decline rapidly and is now having difficulty recognizing people.

The Lord/HP will be with all of us as this is HIS PLAN NOT OURS. He has a plan for everyone and whether we like this road or not this is the road He has layed out not US. My mother spoke to the doctor today and she asked him how much longer. He told her 2 to 5 days. )))sigh(((( ))tears falling((( My father means so much to so many and I know that this immediate family will not be the only ones to feel such a great loss of such a great man.

Dad has given it his best shot and now the time is coming for him to "Let Go and Let God."
We believe he will be doing that soon. He has loved all of us and has shown all of us how to work hard, determination and love of others can help us to get what we want for ourselves and our families. I am not sure what else to say.... We are spending our time at the Hospice house with Dad these days and my son has been able to tell his Papa that he loves him and Dad seems to understand. Although his moments of confusion are becoming more and more.

He told Mom today "I love Sharon".

I will post again tomorrow but I can tell you now his condition is deterorating rapidly. Please continue to be in prayer from us and each other as we are for you becaue we know you all love him like we love him.

God Bless-- Connie and family

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Comment Dear Connie, you don't know me, but your fahter had saved our marriage by setting such a great example with his marriage! When Mike had his first heart attack, Vogelweh closed the meeting down and everyone came running to Landstuhl hospital. It felt like forever before the doctors let me see him and he looked bad. They sent me back to the waiting room and there were Rick and Sharon. I ran towards Rick and he hugged me and I started crying, he handed me a handkerchief and let me cry. After that he took me by the hand and got me focused. We turned Landstuhl's ICU waiting room into an AA convention, everybody was there. Rick and Sharon were there to keep me focused and be able to be there with me through everything and I will always be greatful for that. I love Rick and Sharon so much, and I love you for having the strength and patience to update us on a daily basis. Gerdy

Wed Apr 26, 2006 6:23 am MST by Gerdy Proffitt

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