Friday, April 28, 2006 

Friday, April 28, 2006

Good Evening Everyone-- Well a few days ago the report about Dad from the doctor was 2-5 days left blessing our lives. Well, wouldn't you know that Dad made a liar out of them!!! =) It has been longer than that and this mornig he was sitting up in chair when Mom got there. He told her that he was ready to go and wanted to get out of there. =) However, this afternoon he lost his steam and slept alot. They have had to increase his Ativan to the maximum doseage due to his aggitation is increasing. They had to remove his feeding tube for awhile today due to he kept trying to pull the tube out. He does know people from time to time and today was a good day that he knew people. Mom said he was responsive, and lucid. However, when I went this evening he was hallucinating and sleeping mostly. But again he is in NO pain. Mom's faith and love for Dad are I believe keeping her going. The nurse commented tonight that Dad had a strong will and I told her she had no idea and that it is the driving force that made him the best damn clinician social worker services had ever had. =) I am doing ok now too. I cry off and on. Although I have my moments where I remember the past and the future trys to creep in there to with what will never be but then I am reminded that today is what is important and preasious due to it is another 24 hours that nothing horrible has happend and I have been blessed with seeing my Dad. The nurses said last night Dad was trying to get himself up and it took a few of them to get him calm and back in bed but they said that is part of this process. I am praying for all of us and I know that the Lord is here and will help all of us get through this time.
That is all for today so I will sign off. More tomorrow.
Love and Blessings-- Connie and family

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Comment The last 10 days of events that brought me out of my procrastination to learn how to use this damn thing.

Sat Apr 29, 2006 2:05 am MST by lou toldy

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