April 25, 2006 

April 25, 2006

Hello all- Connie here. Yesterday went ok. Dad is in no pain and he slept most of the day yesterday. My Uncle Larry has been spending hte nights with Dad. Uncle Larry came by today to say hello. Dad last night while I was visiting was reaching to touch things that we can not see and handing them to me. I would say to him " Ok Daddy, I will take care of this for you." That is pretty much how he was last night with Uncle Larry. Uncle Larry says he is not sure how much longer Dad will be with us and neither do I but I do know the Lord is good and he is taking care of everything in HIS time NOT ours. I love my Dad very much adn am treaursing this time I am being given to be with him. Dad slept well last night adn has not been getting sick but sleeping. That is all for today. I willupdate tomorrow morning. Keep those wonderful stories coming. I am printinng them all so we may treasure them for a long time.
Love to all- Connie and family

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Comment )))Hugs((( from all of us here in Vogleweh. Whisper to Rick that its okay to "Let go and Let God"....Michael and Janet

Tue Apr 25, 2006 10:29 pm MST by K-town, Germany

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